What is this guide?

This is not just a guide, this is a convenient interactive information system, which contains information on more than 22 million businesses and organizations in the United States. Each firm has its own page where you will find the company's address, type of activity, contact details and a description. For the convenience, there is a map for each company (powered by google maps).

You can use multiple search options for searching desired organization or service. Firstly, there is a global search at the top of the page. Second, you can select a category (page "category"), and your search will be more accurate. And finally, you can select a state, and look for the desired organization in state.

How up to date information on this site?

All information about the business in the US is regularly updated and supplemented (every month). However, use the contact data and addresses at your own risk. Website administration is not responsible for material / moral damage.

What technology uses the site?

This site uses "cookies". We do not collect any information about visitors except ip address and number of hosts. This information we use to conduct our statistics and it is not distributed.

How to add my company?

To add a new company you should send us a document by e-mail (see page "contact").