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Texas business

Texas - a state in the south of United States. It occupies the 2-nd place in the territory of the US after Alaska and the 2nd place after California in terms of population (26,956,958 people). Texas is one of the centers of American agriculture, livestock, education, oil/gas/chemical industries, financial institutions. The capital of the state is Austin.

Texas is bordered by New Mexico (west), Oklahoma (north), Louisiana (east) and Arkansas (in the northeast). Southwest Texas border runs along the Rio Grande, which separates Mexico and the United States. In the south-east of Texas Gulf of Mexico flows.

The eastern and southern part of Texas located on the Gulf Coastal Plain (Gulf Coast); rising in the west, it turns into a plateau Eduardc (up to 835 m) and Llano Estacado (1200 m). In the far west there are Rocky Mountains (up to 2665 m high).